About us


Tang Hong is the leading independent Beauty distributor across Indo-China.  Since 2000, we strive to introduce the finest and well known beauty brands to our consumers all over the world.  Tang Hong has become the strategic partner of more than 40 international perfume brands.


Armed with our professional market knowledge and with our vision “Think Global and Adopt to Local” helped us to connect the brands through various kind of distribution network from Departmental Stores, Perfumeries to e-commerce within the market efficiently.


Our management and employees are committed and dedicated to uphold the Company’s policies and its core values in order to provide high service and quality standards to satisfy our customers, suppliers and business partners.




Transparent business are done without secret.  Upon this, trust can be established.



We believe a work culture that values responsibility will help keeping employee motivation intact and increasing eventually building high level of teamwork.



Uniqueness is the force that propels the company to thrive and gives it soul.



Be effective, be efficient in order to sustain rapid growth in the emerging Indo-China markets.



Transformation enable us to adopting to ever changing environment and business climates.